Mark Cohen, Founder of Stomp the World, is in his fourteenth year of teaching. During his career, he has seen the need and desire children have in learning what the world has to offer them. Mark believes offering yearly trips around the U.S. will not only be an educational experience, but also makes an imprint in the lives of children. Mark is grateful to all of the great people who volunteer their time to make Stomp the World a reality and help fulfill our mission to the youth in the St. Louis community.

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Kevin Lee, CO-Founder of Stomp the World, has been dancing since he was 5 years old. Kevin started studying dance in 2005 where he also became the first male cheerleader at Kirkwood High School. After completing high school Kevin continued his education at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis where he studied the modern dance styles of Martha Graham and Eric Hawkins. Kevin received his degree in May of 2013 and since then has taught Step for the Consuming Kinetics Dance Company,  dance to the Riverview Gardens Sapphires dance team, many summer camps, groups, and to couples for weddings. Kevin is excited to be part of Stomp the World and is looking forward to fulfilling the mission to the youth across the globe.

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Jessica Schlager, Board President, has been teaching children in a preschool setting since 2010. Because of her background in teaching, she knows the positive impact that others can have on a young persons life. Jessica is married and has two wonderful children. She enjoys and looks forward to using her experience to have an impact on others and give them the tools and experiences they need to help them grow and develop in the years to come.   


Timere Lee, Board Member of Stomp the World, has been an expanded function oral dental assistant for 5years. Timere is known for having a courageous, lively personality, and always smiling. Timere is happily married with two boys who bring her so much joy. After having them she realized how important it is to make a difference in the community today. Timere believes in making lasting impressions in our children will give them memories and adventures that are unforgettable. 

Dwayne Russell, Board Member of Stomp the World, For the last 3 years I've been blessed with the opportunities to travel with great friends and gain new adventures with each trip. This is a privilege that I have treasured greatly for it has exposed me to new experiences that I might not have had on my own and let's me look forward to being able to do the same with my goddaughter. This is what attracts me to Stomp the World and its mission. I feel that every one should have a chance to travel. I look forward to being a part of an organization that encourages and helps the youth broaden their horizons with new experiences beyond their backyards.