To provide free or low cost tutoring, dance lessons, creative movement classes,learning experiences through travel, assist St. Louis area public schools in funding school sponsored field trips and bring assemblies to schools with positive messages. To be available to first grade through high school aged children regardless of race, religion, color, national origin or financial status

Who We Serve

Stomp the World serves students in first grade through high school in St. Louis area public schools. Children are selected for trips by school administrative staff, counselors, teachers as well as Stomp the World. Schools can contact Stomp the World for information about having one of their own field trips sponsored.


Mark Cohen, Founder of Stomp the World, is in his fourteenth year of teaching. During his career, he has seen the need and desire children have in learning what the world has to offer them. Mark believes offering yearly trips around the U.S. will not only be an educational experience, but also makes an imprint in the lives of children. Mark is grateful to all of the great people who volunteer their time to make Stomp the World a reality and help fulfill our mission to the youth in the St. Louis community.

Contact Mark at Mark@stomptheworld.org

Kevin Lee, CO-Founder of Stomp the World, has been dancing since he was 5 years old. Kevin started studying dance in 2005 where he also became the first male cheerleader at Kirkwood High School. After completing high school Kevin went off to Murray State University where he cheered for 2 years and also started his own performing arts group V.I.T.A.L. Which was a group Kevin created for dancing, cheerleading, stepping, poetry and many other art forms. At the time the university had no group like it. V.I.T.A.L stands for Various Inspirational Talents Artistically Labeled. After leaving Murray in 2009, Kevin continued his education at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis where he studied the modern dance styles of Martha Graham and Eric Hawkins. Kevin received his degree in May of 2013 and since then has taught Step for the Consuming Kinetics Dance Company, dance to many summer camps, groups, and to couples for weddings. Currently, Kevin is the coach of the Riverview Gardens Sapphires dance team.Kevin is excited to be part of Stomp the World and is looking forward to fulfilling the mission to the youth across the globe.

Contact Kevin at Klee@stomptheworld.org

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